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It’s been a long road getting to this official “Grand Opening”, but it’s been worth every minute. If anyone understands how hard it is to break into the industry, meeting and making the right connections to grow, it’s me. Having traveled with bands, artist, and shopping music for producers to mark their territory in the music industry, I’ve grown accustomed to rooting for the underdogs with hopes of their teams becoming as successful as Master P and his No Limit soldiers.

Why chase down deals with major labels? Why not act as an indie? Tired of calling that same label and getting that same secretary telling you “Sorry, Mr. Blah Blah Blah is not in the office today.” ? Right when you thought you’ve come up with the bright idea to “FedEx Signature-Require Delivery” your demo to Clive Davis, you find out the record executives “don’t accept unsolicited material” and that $20.00 – $50.00 you just spent was wasted as your fresh demo is either in the trash, or in a pile with some wack artist that probably won’t ever be seen, be heard, or get signed. Why not leave all the work to us?

Here at .Wav Squad Network, our GOLDEN GOAL is for you to be a FULLTIME ARTIST. No more begging record labels or agencies to check out your new music or other products. We create the buzz that FORCES those same reps to leave their tiny cubicle offices and COME LOOKING FOR YOU! With our vast global interconnections, let us place you in a situation that can stimulate your fan base while you keep pumping out those hits they need to hear! Remember, your network determines your net worth, that’s exactly what we’re here to do for you and with your consistency, our networking will grant you the keys needed to be successful.

Thank you for choosing us here at .Wav Squad Network first!

Christopher Alexander Forest, CEO .Wav Squad Network 

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